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Identification, promotion and studies on digital products and services

In our momentum of partnership and collaboration with support structures, the experience of our engineers will allow the identification of projects with high potential in order to give the best orientations for a flawless valuation with a view to their adoption and promotion.

Support for the promotion of digital products and services

An experienced team works to support the promotion of services with tailor-made models.

Stability testing and securing of digital product and service environments

Ensuring the quality of initiatives is essential for building an environment of trust. Customized simulation and stability and security testing environments are made available before the deployment and ownership of digital products and services.

Tailor-made audits and advice of public administrations, the private sector and individual decision-makers

The proper implementation and proper functioning of products and services require a good orientation of the project leaders of our administrations and the private sector. DIGITALES positions itself in a role of tailor-made advice for structures and decision-makers.

Digital technology has become part of our habits, uses and modes of operation in all socio-development sectors. The growth of especially African countries is linked to their ability to organize themselves better to meet the challenges. Innovative platforms and services play a very strategic role in achieving the targeted objectives. DIGITALES is now giving us the opportunity to resolutely embark on digital transformation.


Created in May 2019, DIGITALES is a company specializing in the promotion of innovative value-added services in the digital field for accelerated development of the African continent. It makes a strong contribution to strengthening the digital governance ecosystem in Africa and provides you with a network of qualified experts to meet your needs.

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Strategic Department, Studies and advice

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Marketing, sales and external partnership department

Legal and Protection Department

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